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OpenWRT builder

This image provides a toolchain to build OpenWRT for different hardware devices.

Get the docker image

Prepare a disk volume with 15Gb free to execute this image.

Pull a pre-built image

docker pull caligari/openwrt-builder:latest

Available image tags here.

From Dockerfile

git clone
docker build -t caligari/openwrt-builder:latest ./docker-openwrt-builder


Show the available targets to build:

docker run --rm caligari/openwrt-builder

ToDo: put here the current output of this command.

Build OpenWRT for a Raspberry Pi 3:

docker run --rm -e OPENWRT_TARGET=rpi-3 caligari/openwrt-builder

Docker volumes


Directory where OpenWRT sources persist (>= 15Gb):

docker run \
    -e OPENWRT_TARGET=rpi-3 caligari/openwrt-builder \
    -v $(pwd)/src:/usr/local/openwrt/src


Directory with the binaries result of the build:

docker run \
    -e OPENWRT_TARGET=rpi-3 caligari/openwrt-builder \
    -v $(pwd)/binaries:/usr/local/openwrt/src/bin

Docker variables

docker run \
    -e OPENWRT_TARGET=rpi-3 \
    -e OPENWRT_RELEASE=master \
    -e JOBS=3 \
  • OPENWRT_TARGET Device configuration you are building OpenWRT for.
  • OPENWRT_RELEASE OpenWRT version tag/branch to build (default is ‘master’).
  • JOBS Number of parallel jobs to launch with make.

Related info


  • Javi Loureiro who had the idea for Raspberry Pi devices and provided config files for them.
  • OpenWRT community for the best embedded operating system based on the Linux kernel.